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Partners of bioSell Solutions

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    MIKROGEN Product Lines

    The core business of MIKROGEN GmbH is the development, production and distribution of test systems for the diagnosis of diseases on the basis of recombinant antigens. Recombinant antigens are selected pathogen proteins that are manufactured by genetic engineering.

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    Venture Labs

    Venture Labs invents, develops, and manufactures high quality immunodiagnostic products for the diagnostic laboratory market. A privately held company, founded in 1998 with the aim of advancing diagnostic technology, the Venture Labs team has hundreds of years of collective experience making products that work.

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    Tritech Research

    Tritech Research was founded by a Harvard Ph.D. biologist to be of service to the scientific community. Our products are specifically designed to save time, save money and increase convenience. Making custom-engineered items and modifications is one of our specialties.